About me

Hello and welcome!

I'm a self employed entrepreneur of sorts. I'm an engineer, mom and geek that loves math, crafts, gardening, running and more. 

I have many interests and projects on the go. I've been meaning to blog more in many of my various forums, but just haven't gotten around to it yet.  I've been finding it hard to coincide my business ventures with my personal interests, and decided to do a personal "rebranding" to bring all my information into one site.

There is always plenty that I have to talk about, and commentary on all sorts of things. I come up with ideas to write about, but always put it off to do "after the important things" are done. When I come to the to-do list to write something, my mind goes blank (but I had that great idea yesterday, what was it now?) My plan is when an idea comes to mind, to put it down right away.

Some will be professional, some personal, with a generous amount of soap box ranting (because who doesn't love a good rant now and again?) but I will always bring it back here to keep track of all my contributions.

I was never really sure where to put it all. Now I have a site of my own to keep it at and to share.

Read and enjoy!