The strange things that motivate me.

I didn't think that my second posting would be one that needs a disclaimer, but before I post this I will write a disclaimer, and I recommend you read the disclaimer before reading and not complain about any of the content to me.

I have many thoughts that come into my mind all the time. I think “I should write that down and share it” but then when it comes time to write, it escapes me. Other times, things go over and over and over in my head, and I start writing it down (usually in a hockey arena, where I tend to spend far more time than the average parent I know it seems) but then it gets to big or goes nowhere.

Then there is today. I had a slow start to my day, so I find myself making some lunch late in the afternoon. I'm listening to podcasts as I do. On comes a Radiolab episode. It's the Radiolab Remixed episode, where they released raw recordings of interviews they've had on the show before, and invited anyone to down load and do their own mixed versions.

The “grand” winner of the remix did it on “15:Sum”. It's a story about the after life, where you relive your life, but with similar activities done together. It's interesting, funny and somewhat horrifying at the same time.

For the remix version, the events were put in order from the longest time (2 years of boredom staring outside a bus window) to the shortest (4 minutes wondering what your life would be like if it was done in a different order).

So of all the events that the average person does over their lifetime, 18 month's waiting in line, 51 days deciding what to wear and 18 hours staring into the refrigerator, the story has 7 months having sex.

And after listening to it, all I can hear over and over again is 7 months having sex. That's it? I mean, over my whole life, the sum total of all the sex I'm expected to have is only 7 months? I think I need to work on changing that!